Have a Dance Party with Kidz Bop 20

Have a Dance Party with Kidz Bop 20 1

If there is one thing about our household, there is always music, no matter where we are.

With Kidz Bop bringing the latest hits in music to children age 5-12, it’s no surprise my girls started dancing and having a blast with Kidz Bop 20, today’s biggest hits sung by kids for kids.

Have a Dance Party with Kidz Bop 20 2

Now I can say, we have never actually listened to a Kidz Bop album before. One thing that irritates me sometimes is obviously, some of the language in today’s music. There’s been plenty of times I’ve switched radio stations or CDs because my girls just don’t need to hear that stuff. When I saw the songs included in Kidz Bop 20, a couple of the songs made me nervous and wondering how they made the songs appropriate for children. Sure enough, the lyric changes were perfect for those little ears and let this mom rest assured, my girls weren’t listening to junk.

Kidz Bop 20 features

  1. Born This Way
  2. Till The World Ends
  3. Forget You
  4. Price Tag
  5. Written in the Stars
  6. On The Floor
  7. The Lazy Song
  8. Perfect
  9. Tonight Tonight
  10. More
  11. The Story of Us
  12. Rocketeer
  13. Who Says
  14. Never Say Never
  15. Whip My Hair
  16. Rolling in the Deep

Rest assured Mom and Dad, your kids can rock out to Kidz Bop and you don’t have to worry about those ears hearing things they don’t need to!

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