Gift-Giving Ideas for Everyone On Your List

Gift-Giving Ideas for Everyone On Your List 1

With the holidays here before we know it, many people have began the search for the perfect gifts for those on your list. When I think about all those around us, I realize I have a wide variety of individuals to shop for. I think we all know that sometimes being able to shop and get all those gifts in one spot makes it easy for all of us.

Now if you are like me, my grandma always sasses me for buying her something. Does it mean I won’t buy her something? NO. I love to find an affordable but yet quality gift I know she’ll love. My grandma has passion for anything around her so whether I find something to celebrate her love of birds and nature or I find a piece of jewelry¬†that I know is just right, I love seeing that smile on her face.

When it comes to my mom, I always get a laugh out of gift shopping for her. No matter what the occasion, it always seems mom ends up with perfume or lotion of some sort. I don’t know how it happens but it does. Lately, my ideas have been household trinkets and home decor that match her Country Chic style of her home or items that are perfect for showing off her grandchildren.

My brothers are the electronic and video gaming “buffs” of the family so the gift ideas for them are a given. I still like getting them board games that I know will get those minds thinking and more than just a blob in front of the television.

We have several friends we will be buying for this year that have a new baby here or on the way. Being able to combine baby gifts as a Christmas present and baby shower gift is perfect for this time of year.  Kelsie was a February baby but for the prior Christmas, I ASKED for baby gifts as my presents.

Some other ideas of course

  • Food Baskets
  • Gift Certificates (Treat someone to a pampering day at the spa)
  • Personalized gifts
  • Plants
  • Kitchenware
  • Homewares

What other gift ideas do you have?

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