Getting Back in Routine for Back to School

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While our school district has a delay in First Day of school this year, it’s hard to believe how close we are to the start of back to school. With the circumstances of COVID last school year, we had remote learning. While we know COVID is still present, we are going to do our best at being back in-person so we can get the right routine for Back to School.

There’s no denying, we all have faced obstacles since the pandemic began. We all have had battles different than the next person. Luckily, we’ve learned to adapt where necessary. Living in a state with lackluster guidelines definitely has made some decision making hard but, we hope that we can maintain our “typical” pre-COVID routines. As the twins continue services like speech therapy and physical therapy, we know about wearing our masks during those times. While our school can not require students to wear masks this year due to State Laws enacted, I’ve reminded them of how we can still maintain social distances and wear a mask when they can’t.

Remote learning might have been chaotic as a whole and I can admit, I’ve fallen behind on my typical things as I tried adapting to being Mom and “teacher”. As I prepare kids for back to school, I’m also preparing myself for how I can get back on track with some health circumstances, and working towards goals we have set for our family and growing a business. We clearly did not anticipate COVID during the time we planned to work on creating a substantial small business.

As our “Summer break” winds down, we are getting in daily routines for bedtimes, when we have appointments, and just enjoying quality time.

What is your biggest struggle for the returning school season?

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