ENERGIZER Ultimate Photo Contest!

The 3rd Annual Energizer Ultimate Photo Contest is happening now!
Send in your best photos-in categories like Animals/Wildlife, Travel, and Weather-for a chance to win a National Geographic Expeditions trip for two to Greece and a feature in an upcoming issue of National Geographic magazine.
There’s no question about one thing: To get the best shot, you need the best equipment. That’s where Energizer comes in. Energizer® Ultimate Lithium AA and AAA batteries are the world’s longest lasting batteries in high-tech devices. They last up to eight times longer than Energizer® MAX® in digital cameras (results vary by camera)-which means you can take your mind off your batteries and focus on capturing that winning photo.

Now through June 30th, you will have the opportunity to Submit Your Best Photo. How awesome would it be to have the chance to win a trip to Greece? Could you imagine the photos you could take there? And the chance to have your very own picture published in National Geographic is something you can definitely brag about at the next reunion!


One For The Love of Baby! reader is going to have some fun with a brand new Canon Camera Gadget Bag!

ENERGIZER Ultimate Photo Contest! 1


  • Bag dimensions: 11 by 8.7 by 7.9 inches (width x height x depth)
  • Water-repellant nylon fabric
  • Holds 1 SLR camera body with 3 to 5 lenses, flash and small accessories
  • Adjustable interior dividers
  • Straps for tripod or monopod
  • Front pocket with internal compartments
  • Mesh film and inner cover battery pocket
  • Two side pockets
  • Adjustable, non-slip shoulder strap

Product Description

Canon is a leader in professional business and consumer imaging equipment and information systems. By developing innovative, high-quality business solutions Canon makes it easy to create, manage, and share images and information better, faster, and more efficiently.
Enter To Win!Mandatory Entry
Leave a comment letting me know about your favorite picture you have ever taken.
Additional Entries
  • Tweet this giveaway! Link back to the giveaway post and then leave a comment with your status link. Unlimited Once Daily Entry.
  • Check out the Energizer Photo Contest. Leave me a comment telling me something you learned, a favorite pic.
  • Comment on any non-giveaway post. Unlimited Entries.

Open to US Mailing addresses. Giveaway Will End June 23, 2010 at 11:59 PM CST. Winner will have 48 hours from the time e-mailed. Winner will be drawn via random.org

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  1. I have SO many pictures that are my favorites. The good thing about digital is that you can snap away, take all the pictures you want and you don’t care if any come out, if there are bad pictures, how many ‘good ones’ you get. With my camera, I snap away.

    One of my favorite pictures is of my 1 year old (at the time; now she is 2 1/2 going on 20) is in this post:


    My Kambry makes my ‘eye’ pop. My kids make my passion come out. I have a backpack that I carry my camera in, but I would love a case just like this one so that I can carry my camera with me. Right now, I carry my camera in my purse and that’s a big no no. This looks amazing!
    .-= Tanya @ Mommy Goggles´s last blog ..I am a proud owner of an iPad! =-.

  2. I would love and be honored to meet Jim Richardson! I have a love and passion for photography. I have to thank my dad for that. We used to sit out in lightening storms just to shoot film with his 35mm. While I don’t really have any favorite photography tips for anyone on the site, I do have to say that my favorite from personal experience is candid.
    .-= Tanya @ Mommy Goggles´s last blog ..I am a proud owner of an iPad! =-.

  3. My favorite picture is one I took of my two sons the day after the youngest was born. They are both laying on the bed and looking into each others faces. My oldest has alook of awe on his face and the baby is smiling.

  4. I honestly don’t think I have a favorite PICTURE, but I love all the pictures I do of the kids. My favorite place to take them is the bridge here at a local park. I take their pictures there every year, there is one special rock right by the bridge!! LOVE IT!
    .-= Bobbie (OneScrappyMom)´s last blog ..Stuffed With Love =-.

  5. My favorite pic is of my girls last easter 🙂
    .-= Miranda Allen´s last blog ..Prenatal Music Belt Sweepstakes =-.

  6. I can always use extra batteries – with a 5 year old, we go through them like crazy !!

  7. I took a picture of my daughter and husband peering through some rainforest foliage–still my favorite 5 years later.

  8. My favorite picture is of my children on vacation the first time that they encountered the ocean.
    The looks on their faces was priceless.

    Thank you so much for the giveaway.


  9. My favorite picture is the last picture I took of my mother with my girls before my mom passed away 2 years ago.

  10. My favorite picture I took was out in the back woods where my mom use to live. It was of the old railroad that use to be there years ago. The path looked nice with the trees and the fall colored leaves.

  11. My favorite pic I have taken is off my Fiance kissing our son on the cheek while our son looks at me

  12. My favorite picture is the last picture I took of my mom with my girls before she (my mom) passed away 2 years ago.

  13. I loved the picture I took of my husband holding my son up on a basketball hoop rim so he could dunk the ball, its so sweet – thanks!

  14. I took a picture of my husband tossing my son in the air on the beach at dusk. It is so beautiful.

  15. my favorite picture i have ever taken is of my son at just over a year and at the ocean for the very first time. it is taken from behind and he is just standing and looking out over the ocean

  16. i learned there are six themes in which you can enter under : Animals/Wildlife

  17. I took a picture of a mother & baby ducks last summer, and they were all lined up in a row..looked like something out of a disney movie!

  18. That is a hard question but I think my fave picture I have ever taken is one of my daughter with all her ‘bike riding’ gear on when she was about 3, she looks just like a cop, it’s hilarious!

  19. My favorite photo was taken in 1987, during a visit to Death Valley National Park. I was in California for a convention celebrating the 10th anniversary of “Star Wars” so it was only natural that I wanted to pay a visit to Tatooine. A park ranger pointed me to Golden Canyon, and when we arrived, I immediately recognized it as the site where the Jawas captured R2-D2. I practically danced through the canyon, taking photos of everything, and after I got home and developed the film (this was pre-digital, you young whippersnappers), I spread the prints out before me and watched the movie on videotape (pre-DVD). To my delight, one of my photos, taken from inside a crevice in the canyon wall, almost exactly matched a shot from the film. I have my proof. I have been to Tatooine.
    .-= Auriette´s last blog ..Review: The Exile of Sara Stevenson (novel) =-.

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