Easy Ways to Surprise your Wife on her Birthday

Easy Ways to Surprise your Wife on her Birthday 1

It can be a disaster for men when it comes to picking the right gifts or other unique surprise when they have to prepare something for their wife’s upcoming birthday. But hey, that’s entirely natural, don’t sweat it, in this article I’ll try to tell you everything you need to know about picking the right surprise for your wife.

First, here are the basics before making any decisions for gifts/surprise:

Interest. You know her, you’ve been married. Think hard about the things she does every day; activities she likes to do. i.e. she loves to go take care of her hair, she loves collecting and planting flowers, etc. This needs to be your biggest consideration.

Needs. Find out what things your wife needs in her daily life. If she’s working in the office, it’s probably pen, calculator, new printer, etc. If she’s stay-at-home, but loves gardening, it’s probably seeds, fertilizers, a new rake, etc. If she already has all the things, you can just replace it as a surprise gift.

Wish list. We all have something we want to buy just because. Your wife definitely has something too! Something she wants to buy, but don’t have the money to. Find it and surprise her on her special day.

Now go ahead and buy that specialized, well thought of gift, and don’t forget to look through a selection of birthday cards to find just the right one that will tell her how much she means to you.

Special birthday surprises

Shopping spree. No woman can resist the pull of the department store and specialty boutiques. Give her enough shopping money to splurge on her favourite brands. Just tag along and give comments of approval as she beams over articles of clothing and try out several stuff.

Call her parents. Try calling her parents and booking tickets for them to come for your wife’s birthday. She’ll be mighty glad you did. She might be working too hard that she’s not able to visit her family or she moved in together with you in a faraway state, making it virtually impossible to visit without a good reason. To spice it up, why not plan a secret surprise for her, like letting her parents hide in a closet and come out when she least expects it.

Be kids for a day. When was the last time you went to the amusement park, maybe in your teenage years or perhaps when you were just a child? Just go ahead, buy tickets and enjoy the ride with your wife. Share cotton candies and hug tight as you enter the horror house.

Be traditional. Set up a dinner at home and cook her favourite meal. A candle light dinner would be most appreciated. Don’t forget the flowers! Buy chrysanthemum flowers online and watch her smile (or) break into tears as she remembers the time when you’re courting her and the flowers are flowing.

Do something unexpected. Cook for once! Yes, really. If you can do something different than you’ve always done that she won’t expect, then doing that can make the day very special for her. You can clean the entire kitchen, mop up the entire house, wash the laundry, wax her car, or even pay a parking space for her in the city. Believe me, she’ll appreciate you doing any of these.

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