Don’t get the FluMist for your child, please.

Don't get the FluMist for your child, please. 1

Yesterday, Aubrey’s eye was extremely red and irritated. I don’t want to take any risks with my children’s eyes. It’s not watering or her messing with it whatsoever. Sure enough pink eye.

He then told me let’s go ahead and do her FluMist. At her last appt, I told him I was debating vaccinating this year. Last year sucked. “Well the FluMist will protect her better and she’ll be okay doing it with pink eye.”

Aubrey has ran a fever last night. This morning 102.8. I’m so mad right now. My child is sick from a vaccine, I don’t care what any of them wanna argue with me. Toddlers are TOO YOUNG for this crap.

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  1. I want to reassure you that you didn’t make the wrong choice. Kids and young teens do tend to have more of a reaction to FluMist than adults – and the side effects are not pleasant when it happens! But it is still better to have the short term reaction than the full-blown (and potentially deadly) flu. Short time pain for seasonal protection. It still sucks though and sorry she has to deal with pink eye AND a fever. My kiddo just had conjunctivitis and a sinus infection. UGH.

    Hope she is back and running at 100 soon!

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