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For the past month, I’ve dealt with “I need some pictures of the girls!” Well crud, um I have a digital camera and send them out in emails but there’s the people that don’t “do internet”.

I finally gave in and decided I’d try out uploading some pictures. I went with the Walmart Digital Photo Center. I uploaded all the pictures from Christmas I took with my brand new Olympus that Steven bought me.

I paid .09 cents a picture and ordered 32 prints. THEY CAME TODAY! So one, that was way fast. And the quality I am very impressed with. The images I captured are pure and very crisp and Walmart maintained that.

To all the individuals that have demanded pictures, they will be coming! I don’t know why I’m writing it here haha, you wont see it lol!

What do you do with your digital photos?

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  1. I am SO bad about printing all my digital photos. I have just over 15,000 saved on my computer, and a very small percentage of them that are actually printed. Maybe this should be a New Year’s Resolution…

  2. I always print my through walmart too. I love the 1 hour, thats what we use most. I tend to be too inpatient to wait for them to be shipped to me! And about once a month I put all our pictures on CD’s and put them away in our safe. I would be heart broken if we lost any of them!

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