#CommentLuv On Twitter!

So I got another conversation going on Twitter that I have to say, I’m very proud of. Too often do you see people go to a blog and not leave a comment. Think about how many followers you have on Twitter. How awesome would it be if ALL of those followers came to check out your blog? Even if not ALL but you knew more people were going to check out your post and actually leave a COMMENT?

I threw out a hashtag. I’m sure you’ve all seen them. #CommentLuv. Simply post your fave post you have written for others to see and check out. Don’t be afraid to #CommentLuv another blogger’s post-It’s all about having fun and showing other people some “luv”!

Want to follow some of the posts right now? Check out the Twitter Search for #CommentLuv

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  1. This was such a good idea!! I’m glad you started this. I get so discouraged when people dont leave comments..i feel like no ones reading.

  2. What I a terrific idea. I too agree that visitors & followers come & go, which we all know from our analytics & stat counters. It's so nice to have comments and start a discourse.

    Anyone who blogs knows how much time & effort go into the posts we write.

    A little Comment Luv is appreciated!

    Hopefully the #commentluv hash tag will continue if we all remember to add it every time we add a new Tweet ~ but more importantly, to remember to actually visit the hashtag frequently!

    Thanks for sharing.

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