Are You Ready to Party?

It’s getting closer!
For The Love of Baby!
Thanks to Kim at What’s That Smell and JA Blog Graphics for helping NAME and Create our cool button! We will be beginning Everything is New Again starting October 15th so be ready! Why not grab that button on the side so you can remember when the party starts so you don’t miss out on some great prizes!
Leave me a comment just so I can show some some Blog love as well!

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  1. Awesome, grabbed the button!

    4wks already good thing you weren’t that bored. 🙂 I never had a laptop when I was in the hospital with either boy they just went WAY too fast.

    Oh and please email at caleenn at gmail dot come you won the charming lamb contest from my blog.

  2. I knew it would look AWESOME against the red!

    It really is cute! Is it wrong to admire one’s own work?

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