Christmas of Dreams BEGINS! Meet us

Hello everyone! MomDot’s awesome Christmas of Dreams party is starting today!

Day One Blog Party Question is Brought to you by La Belle Toile and This and That by Randi
As for our family, Steven and I were just married September 18th, 2008! I have a step-daughter Lily who just turned 3 in October. My daughter Kelsie was born February 3rd, 2007. We welcomed Aubrey to our family September 3, 2008. We live in Ames Iowa.
Last Christmas was my first Christmas as a Mommy. Steven and I “hosted” Christmas at our apartment with my grandparents, Mom, and little brothers. It was kind of fun being the “contributing” kwim?
Here are some pictures from Kelsie’s First Christmas!
Christmas of Dreams BEGINS! Meet us 1 Christmas of Dreams BEGINS! Meet us 2

Christmas of Dreams BEGINS! Meet us 3Christmas of Dreams BEGINS! Meet us 4

Christmas of Dreams BEGINS! Meet us 5

Day One KickOff Post

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  1. I didn’t realize you had a whole group of daughters! Looks like a wonderful holiday at your house!

  2. Hosting is fun the first few times but a word of advice? Space it out! The busier the children get the more taxing it can become.

  3. It’s a small world! Mark has family in Ames Iowa and nearby Lovilia. We were just there in August to enjoy the lovely humid weather.

  4. I love hosting, especially if it means I can stay in my jammies all day! LOL
    Great pictures! A house full of girls… how fun!

  5. We don’t get to see Lily as often as we like as she lives with her Mommy 3 hours away but hopefully she will be with us for Thanksgiving this year!

  6. Wow, three girlies- I have three boys. From what I have heard about raising girls, I won’t trade ya LOL

  7. Congrats! You are still a Newlywed! 3 girls! Wow! I have a handful with one boy. Can’t imagine girls x3! Looks like fun!

  8. I love that last picture of your brothers, they look so excited. I bet they had a blast with the Robosapiens!

  9. I have one DD and couldn’t imagine having three of them. I can handle 3 boys though. *lol*

  10. I love the expression on the boy’s face in that last picture. You can tell he was excited!

  11. Those are great pictures! First Christmas’s are fun. I am excited about this year because Daniel is a lot older so we can really share the spirit of Christmas with him this year

  12. I love the photos of gma and gpa opening presents! thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays!

  13. So fun! I live in Des Moines! Small world. Isn’t Christmas so much more exciting with little ones around?

  14. The holidays always change when you have children. They are so much better and so magical. Looks like she loved her first Christmas.

  15. Aww, lots of little girls!! I’m sure this years Christmas will be lots of fun with the three of them!

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