Seat Snug

Thanks to Mom Central, I was given the great opportunity to check out an innovative product to stabilize booster seats. We’ve all seen a booster seat slip around or bounce as your driving. The SeatSnug stops this from happening!

How does the SeatSnug Work? (from their website)

SeatSnug can be easily and quickly clipped onto a vehicle’s existing factory installed seatbelt. Once a child in a booster seat is buckled up, the lap belt may be lightly tightened around the child’s hips by pulling up on the shoulder strap to more safely secure the child, without affecting the normal operation of the shoulder strap. The child continues to have the comfort of free upper body movement. Thus, SeatSnug enhances child safety while maintaining and enhancing comfort.

The product is installed very easily. Unlike most instructions, these also include step by step pictures to help you ensure you are doing it right.

Another great thing to consider regarding the SeatSnug-if you are ever involved in an accident, stop using your current SeatSnug. Return the item to the company and they will offer a free replacement.

This product is a great way to keep your child buckled up and safe!

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  1. I had something similar to this for my two older kids. It worked great but was a bear to put on. I will need to give this one a try. Thanks!

  2. We have loved ours…it lives up to it’s claims for sure! Seatsnug is something that I would recommend to all of my friends!

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