Can I really handle it?

If you have been to For The Love of Baby! on a regular basis or talk to me on Twitter, I am sure you know I am studying Criminology at Iowa State University.

Many people hear Criminology or Criminal Justice, they instantly think Police Officer. There is so much more to it than that. And it is sad to say, but there will ALWAYS be crime in the world.

crimeToday, I have heard of another child’s death at the hands of another as well as a teen assaulted. Sometimes I question myself…Am I cut out for this? Can I handle it? You look at these horrific crimes in a whole new light when you are a parent. Don’t get me wrong…I love what I am learning and have a strong passion for helping those impacted but I just wonder if I have what it takes.

These individuals have been through a horrible experience and it’s vital to help them know someone is there to help them and bring the assailant to justice. I just feel myself looking at it all completely different than when I was not a Mother.

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  1. What part of criminology do you want to get into exactly? It’s really a big broad field of many things. I understand where your coming from when you think about all this as a parent. If you truly believe in what your doing and have a passion for this then I think you will be ok.

  2. This is so true. PPL that kill, abduct, rape, neglect or abuse children should be persecuted to the FULLEST extent of the law. It is awful in this day & age why people have the need to feel powerful that they use a child to fufill that sick, disgusting feeling. There are families out there who CAN’T have children that would be WONDERFUL parents and then there are ppl who take the lives of the young for granted! We need moe ppl like you to help these kids, u are blessed!

  3. Being a police officer changes a person. I’ve watched it first hand with my husband those around us. It puts them in situations that calls for a need to be desensitized. A few years back my husband dealt with a case of extreme child abuse and came home to tell me about. I asked him, “how can you handle that?” his answer…”you have to learn to disassociate yourself and not take things personally or you’ll carry a burden so heavy you’ll put yourself in danger on the job.”

    But as much as that helps them cope on the job, it also comes home with them.

    Jenna, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to discourage you from your dreams, becoming police officer or entering the law enforcement career period is an admirable choice, but it comes with a price.

  4. I know I wouldn’t be able to handle it! I can barely watch the news because of all the sadness that happens every day. There are special people cut out for that line of work and I’m clearly not one of them. I admire you for being able to. Keep your chin up girly! You’ll do a fab job and it will probably get easier as time goes by. ((hugs))

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