Calming Centerpieces For Your New Look Living Room

Calming Centerpieces For Your New Look Living Room 1

Calming Centerpieces For Your New Look Living Room 2

Traditionally, the television set is the centerpiece of the living room. Most of us even arrange our furniture to point towards the set, ready for evenings in front of Netflix. In fact, many of us fall into the habit of thinking television is crucial for more than just our layouts. We also convince ourselves they help us chill out of an evening. The idea of going without our favorite shows leaves us feeling on edge and angsty.

In truth, though, keeping your set as the centerpiece might not be as calming as you convince yourself. In reality, there are some alternatives which could do this job a lot better. Admittedly, it would take some time getting out of the television habit. But, all three of the following suggestions could aid relaxation much better. But, what are these magic alternatives of which we speak?

Your seating area

Calming Centerpieces For Your New Look Living Room 3

Aside from your television, it’s likely that your seating area is the most commanding thing in the room. As such, it makes sense to shift the focus here. The relaxation benefits speak for themselves. What could be better than spreading out on your favorite couch? If you wanted, you could go all out with this option by investing in a giant bean bag like the ones found on this website. Or, you could have real fun by incorporating large floor cushions into the space. And, of course, you can make this work with the sofa you already have. Draw the eye to your seating by rearranging, or using throws and pillows. It’s amazing how much more calming your room will feel when you lay back without the television on. What’s more, you won’t have to crane your head to see what’s going on. Try tuning your sofas the other way, and see how you get along with this.

Focus on your stereo

Putting music on is fantastic when you need to practice self-care. It allows you to kick back and switch off. Nothing beats sticking on a natural soundtrack when it comes to calming yourself. After a few evenings of listening to the sea, you won’t be able to go without it. For this reason, it might be worth letting your stereo form the focus of the room. To ensure this has the aesthetic appeal you’re after, you could focus on a record player. But, even a standard stereo system could serve you better than your television ever did.

Climbing the stacks

Bookshelves would also make a fantastic centerpiece. Reading is an excellent way to relax while also absorbing new information. Yet, the majority of us hide our bookcases in a study and forget they even exist. To make sure you’re more likely to pick up a book in the evenings, make bookcases your primary focus. These are sure to look amazing, and you could even invest in some library-style seats to finish the image. Within a few weeks, you’ll wonder why the television was ever so important to you in the first place.

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