Beautifully crafted Antique Slot Machines

Beautifully crafted Antique Slot Machines 1

Most collectors love antique slot machines, not just for their monetary value but also for their beauty and examples of intricate workmanship and craft.

The key manufacturers to look out for are Jennings and Mills, although recently a rare Caille Brothers machine from Chicago has been advertised at $248,500. This model is so expensive as it uniquely takes both nickels and quarters and is described as a ‘double machine’. Slot machines are increasing in popularity among collectors and not all are as expensive as the Caille Brothers example, but this firm does have a reputation for excellence; one of its gold and diamond encrusted models sold for $1 million.

An internet trawl can give the novice collector a quick view of the prices that these beautiful machines can command, as well as the popularity of the modern game. For example, eBay might be a good place to start research. Currently the site is advertising a Jennings Sun Chef for a modest $4,000, and a 1022 Mills Quarter machine can be bought for around $5,000. A Watling Rol-A-Top model is currently on the market for $8,000. Another prestigious name to look out for is the Chicago Deluxe Crane machine; there are only five in existence and they very rarely come to market.

Contemporary websites, including, illustrate the popularity of the modern game, but for those looking to start a new collecting hobby the first key factor to consider is the definition of an antique slot machine. Most collectors follow the rule of thumb that antique slot machines do not have an electrical source and are purely mechanical. Other collectors will only approach reputable dealers, as this should ensure that an original model rather than a revamped machine that has been restored with modern parts.

Antique slot machine restorers proliferate and many of these have listed their labors in the form of an internet blog. Some collectors might like to start their new hobby by actually restoring a machine. There are many websites where old parts can be bought or exchanged, and this might be a cheaper way to start a collection. It is important to remember that though most of these machines do need nickels and quarters in order to function, some models will only take tokens and second hand yard sales might be a good place to look for these.

In the US, some states do not allow consumers to purchase functioning slot machines. These states include Alabama, Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Nebraska, South Carolina and Tennessee. The only way in which someone from these states can invest in a slot machine is if the machine has been disabled and can no longer either accept or pay out coins.

The modern electronic slot machine is growing in popularity and a quick visit to will show the many different machines that are in use today. An antique slots machine is classified as such if its date of manufacture is between 1885-1965; anything later will probably use electricity and therefore cannot be classified as an antique.

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