Keeping it Realistic: 5 Downsides of Owning a Ferrari

Keeping it Realistic: 5 Downsides of Owning a Ferrari 1

When you are talking about a supercar like a Ferrari there are bound to be pros and cons attached to owning such an iconic brand of car.

The question you will want answering is whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and is it really worth owning one of the most instantly recognizable marques in motoring history?

If you already own a Ferrari and have decided to see what you can sell it for and who might buy it you can learn more about it here, in the meantime, here are some pointers on why ownership can prove problematic and expensive.

Running costs

Let’s be honest, if you are in the market for a Ferrari or already have one on your drive it is likely that you will have a bit of cash in the bank, as this is not a cheap car to buy.

It is also an expensive make to maintain and repair, which is why you need deep pockets and a willingness to spend a few thousand every years keeping your vehicle in good shape.

You might be able to afford all of those repair bills and maintenance charges but you should still question whether these costs justify ownership of a Ferrari.

You won’t be dazzled by tech features

Ferraris that have been around the block and seen a few miles won’t exactly be blessed with a range of hi-tech features and gadgets laid out before you on the dash.

When you think of what modern high-end vehicles in terms of gadgets such as parking cameras and advanced safety features it is likely that an older model Ferrari will look very antiquated in comparison to the cockpit of a much newer vehicle.

Ride quality doesn’t match its looks

To a certain extent, older classics like a vintage Ferrari were designed with speed in mind as a priority over comfort, or that’s how it seems when you ride in one.

The ride quality of an older Ferrari can seem quite harsh and uncomfortable in comparison to a modern sports car and that is a point worth thinking about.

Fit for purpose

Make no mistake, a Ferrari can be a lot of fun to drive and be seen in but when it comes to practicality it doesn’t really tick too many boxes.

Most Ferrari’s are designed to be driven and not a lot else was in the mind of the designer. That means you barely have room for a bit of luggage or a few groceries, and passengers are not exactly well catered for either.

If you want a car that offers practicality a Ferrari is not the model that will meet those needs.

Insurance costs are high

It stands to reason that a vehicle that comes with a hefty price tag will command a high insurance premium as it will be costly to repair or replace if you make a claim.

Insurance companies will also charge you a premium because having all that power under the hood can encourage a heavy right foot and that can mean you might be more likely to have an accident when traveling at high speeds.

Be prepared to pay a chunk of cash every year to properly insure your Ferrari against damage or any other potential scenario that would be costly to sort out.

Owning a Ferrari is a dream that a number of us would like to fulfill but it is wise to be mindful of the downsides attached to pursuing that dream, which might be something you are all too aware of if you already own one.

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