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April 22nd is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. With that, Barbie and The White House Movement are hoping to collect signatures in the following petition to present to First Lady Michelle Obama in a declaration to inspire girls nationally. The current goal is to raise 1 Million Signatures.

What is this declaration you might wonder?

We believe that when you add women and girls, you change everything.
We are leaders and dreamers.
We are the future.
And, we want help making positive change –
for ourselves and the world around us.
This declaration calls on everyone in the Obama Administration to:

Become a mentor this year.
We need role models who can show us that no dream is too big or too wild.
If we can dream it, we can do it.
If we can imagine it, we can be it.

Look at the world through our eyes.
We ask President Obama to take a moment to consider how every piece of legislation may affect girls and women before he signs it.

Ignite a national movement to inspire girls.
On April 22nd, we ask The Administration to accept this Declaration from
us powerful girls and women at a proposed ceremony celebrating
“Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.”
Make sure your voice – and dreams – are heard by signing now.

Will you help sign this declaration and show our girls around the country know they can accomplish anything they put their mind to?

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  1. I use to always go to take your daughter to work day with my mom when i was younger. It was inspiring and I loved it. It was so cool.

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