Baby Clothes:Money Saving Tips

Baby Clothes:Money Saving Tips 1

In today’s economy, saving money and living well are routinely at odds with each other. This is very apparent when it comes to buying clothes for your baby. Even if many of the first clothes are gifted by friends and family or passed down from generations before, you will still need to buy some clothes for your little one. Babies grow fast and keeping up can be hard on a tight budget. Luckily, there are many ways to get baby clothes at a very low price, and sometimes even for free.

Tip #1: Buy for the Future

Every baby is different so it is difficult to calculate how much or how fast your baby will grow during the first year and when these growth spurts will take place. You are going to use a lot of clothing throughout those 12 months; shopping with the entire year in mind will ensure that you are well-prepared and saving money at the same time.

While it may seem ideal to buy that perfect-fit designer outfit, your baby will have outgrown it in no time. Instead, buy larger sizes, particularly in the six to nine months size. Your baby will be able to wear these for the longest period of time, even if they are loose.

Buy the easy to wear outfits, such as sleepsuits, in bulk. These clothes are the most flexible and you will go through them the fastest. Plain solid colours and white are the cheapest. Simple bibs are also a wise investment, as they will protect your baby’s clothes from stains and spills and stretch the wardrobe from wash-day to wash-day.

When you buy clothes, keep the seasons in mind. If your baby will be six to nine months during the cold weather, long-sleeved sleepsuits are a better choice than short-sleeved.

Tip #2: Used is Good

Used baby clothes are another option for cash-strapped parents. Friends and family may have old baby clothes that they would be willing to give or loan to you. Charity shops are a great place to look for baby clothes and occasionally you can even find brand new clothing with the tags still attached. Consignment shops are a bit more expensive than charity shops, but a lot of gently used clothing can be found here as well. House sales and garage sales can also harbour a fair amount of baby clothing, as well as furniture and toys.

Tip #3: Online Shopping is Your Friend

If you have searched the stores and sales and still cannot find the baby clothes you want, online shopping may be your best choice. Many baby clothes shops maintain internet shops and by scouting the sales and utilizing the stores’ coupons and discounts, you are sure to find good deals.

Joining discount code sites will also help you save, providing member-only specials and deals for a variety of top online baby clothes shops. Other sites, including eBay and Amazon, and bulletin board sites, such as Craigslist, offer designer clothes for sale at low prices, with as much as 50% off retail.

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