Avery Give Back to Schools and Box Tops #giveaway

Avery Give Back to Schools and Box Tops #giveaway 1

While my children are not in school yet, I know how important it is for our schools to have the best to provide for our children.

With Teacher Appreciation Week, Avery is launching it’s third annual Give Back to Schools promotion starting today, May 7th.  This online promotion will give individuals the chance to help win cash and prizes for your favorite school.

This year, Avery will award the top 25 schools with the most online votes, in a tier-based structure, and 10 randomly selected schools, based on a threshold of votes received.

The top five school with the most online public votes will each receive $10,000 (retail value) worth of Avery office products and school supplies of their selection, 25,000 Bonus Box Tops coupons (redeemable for cash by schools) and ten $100 gift cards to be split among the teachers for purchase of additional classroom supplies; the school with the most votes overall will receive an in-school donation presentation. The next 25 schools with the most votes will each receive 10,000 Bonus Box Tops coupons (redeemable for cash by schools).

Communities, students, families and school supporters (ages 18 and older) can vote for their favorite K-8 school beginning today at avery.com/giveback.

The Avery Give Back to Schools™ program is one of the ways Avery Office and Consumer Products supports its belief that a solid education is the cornerstone of a strong community.  To enable children to receive the education that they need and deserve,Avery provides financial and in-kind support to children, teachers and schools through programs such as Box Tops for Education®.

Avery Give Back to Schools and Box Tops #giveaway 2

Since my children are not in school yet, I decided I wanted to help out my little brothers’ school and had then opportunity to send $1000 worth of school supplies to Madrid Junior High School.  This donation will include things such as binders, glue sticks, hi-liters, sticky notes, and more for the educators to use within their classrooms. I was able to have the products sent directly to a former teacher of mine to use with other teachers for the students at the Junior High. Knowing that educators often spend out of their own pockets for supplies, it especially means alot to me to be able to give back to them.

I have used a variety of Avery Brand products over the years and I think of Avery as a household name when it comes to school-related supplies.

Between now and September 14, 2012, be sure to vote every day for your school to win in the Give Back to Schools Promotion!

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  1. schools are the “minor leagues” of the life. If we don’t invest in training & educating the youth then we’ll fail in the future

  2. It is important to me because I currently have three children in school and I want them to have the best education possible.

  3. Our school budgets have been cut back a lot recently and it’s important to donate whatever we can to keep their supplies stocked.

  4. its important to me because im seeing the third generation going to the same school,,I volunteered for the kids an now the grandkids

  5. Giving back to schools demonstrates my dedication to life-long learning and I hope to pass that along to my children!

  6. Our kids spend almost half of their young lives there so it’s important to make sure they are being taken care of. I’m all the time seeing teachers buying the supplies for this project or that project and you just know they are spending half of their pay on these supplies. I love that our pto helps out with that and money from box tops makes us able to do that. thank you!

  7. Our daughter attends a very small private school and Box Tops have become my passion. I would be so excited to win this and share it with the kids.

  8. Our schools don’t have enough of what they need to continue doing their best due to budget cutbacks. I try and donate whenever I can.

  9. Its important to give back because a lot of smaller schools depend on it to continue to stay open.

  10. Its important to give back because with ever decreasing funds and cutbacks every bit of help makes a difference

  11. It’s a great way to give back to school and to get books in the library and playgrounds safely built

  12. With school budget cuts, it is very important to help out where you can to lessen the burden.

  13. Box Tops even help pay for supplies for the homeschool co-op we belong to. The extra money helps offset the cost which makes the supplemental classes more affordable for families.

  14. It’s important to give back to schools because most are underfunded and teachers buy classroom supplies with their own money

  15. I don’t have kids but feel it’s the community’s responsibility to help. One local school has 80% of the kids living in poverty and use much if not all of their BTFE money to buy basic school supplies for the kids who can’t afford them.

  16. i teach so i know the ways additional funding would help the educational process

  17. I don’t think enough money is set aside for US schools. Some families can’t afford or won’t pay for their kids supplies. More money will help US schools excel again.

  18. With all the foreclosures limiting the property tax collected in our area, schools are really struggling to make ends meet, boxtops help with that!

  19. It is important to give back to the school because the school does so much for the kids. I know my daughter’s teacher even used money out of his pocket to fund some things they did in the classroom this year.

  20. We need to do all that we can to help our youngsters. Schools only get so much $ to work wiht

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