Accessorize and Go Green With Ecoist!

Accessorize and Go Green With Ecoist! 1

In the past, I have randomly seen people walking around with candy wrapper accessories, juice box bags, and more but I wasn’t quite sure what to think of them. No doubt in my mind were they cute and definitely a one of a kind thing,  I’ve always wondered to myself how durable they were.

Ecoist began in 2004 with the concept of creating a unique product for all to love. With over ten collections, Ecoist has created eco-friendly gifts in the form of a variety of handbags and jewelry pieces made of post-consumer waste, such as M&M wrappers, magazines, and much much more.

Accessorize and Go Green With Ecoist! 2I had the chance to check out a M&Ms Every/Any Bag and thought it was stunned at how bright the colors were. As to my worries about durability, this bag is thick and from what I have experienced, durable. With measurements 8L x 3.5H x 2W, this bag would be perfect for a night out or even as a cosmetic bag to throw stuff in quick while you are traveling.

With colors as bright as this, I’ve actually found myself having to steal it away from my girls who have loved using it as “their purse”. So even with grabby little hands, this has withstood my girls’ playing throughout our house and juice spills, etc. and still looks the same it did when it first arrived.

Ecoist has continued to add various collections and designs, making it an exciting way to have a fashionable design item while making a purchase that is good for our environment.  According to their website, since Ecoist has began, more than 40 million wrappers have been saved from ending up in landfills. Not only does Ecoist protect from excessive trash entering our landfills-every handbag sold, a tree is planted in partnership with Trees for The Future.

So whether you are looking for a fun gift for the candy-lover in your life or would like a unique piece of eco-friendly decor, Ecoist is the place to check out!

This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. All opinions are that of my own.

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