A Simple Question For All of You

Ok a simple and to the point post lol. Not all posts have to be long to get a point across.

I have a question for all of you!

What is your New Year’s resolution?

Who knows, maybe you’ll give me some prize ideas based of those resolutions-maybe I’ll find some fun stuff to help you keep on track with those resolutions. But of course, you have to let me know!

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  1. My new’s resolution… hhhhmmmm…. well it’ll be to spend more time cleaning and playing with my boys.

  2. Hmm…my resolution is to stick to our exercise plan. I asked for roller blades for Christmas & I have a bike so I want to actually use them! Exercise=weight loss, which should=pregnancy!

  3. I have a few, but my main ones are:
    1. To play with my son every chance I get and have a healthy baby girl in April.
    2. To keep up with an exercise regime once I get my WiiFit (working with Wii Mommiis will help with that).
    3. To grow my blog and readership, and maybe make some kind of full time WAH job out of it.

  4. I saw this and knew exactly what my answer was… to come up with a Will.. yes.. I haven’t gotten one set up and I need to do so! So that’s it… oh and maybe exercise!

  5. I never really do new years resolutions, but I know I want to try to keep our house more organized and have a set cleaning schedule.

  6. I’m currently working out for 15 minutes 3 days/week. I’d like to get up to 1 hour/day 5-7 days/week by dec 31, 2009.

  7. well, to be perfectly honest, i dont make resolutions….i tend to take one day at a time as it is, so it would be pointless. I do reevaluate my goals almost once a month though.

  8. My resolution is to not make resolutions. I never stick to them. I just take it day by day, week by week and re-evaluate as needed through the year.

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