Cell Phone Service-BLECK

So I’m getting new cell phone service come January. But then of course the question is WHAT TO GET!?!?!

I used to work for Best Buy so I do know a thing or two about phones but then again, phones are constantly advancing and providing new avenues to use them for. And then, some phones aren’t all they are cracked out to be.

My Verizon has been the best I’ve had so far. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way about getting a cell phone plan in your name with a boyfriend. Yeah, he said he was gonna keep paying for his phone when we split but thats funny. I got a bill for close to a THOUSAND dollars (I’ll call it his revenge) and of course, no money from him. Thanks Klark. But yes thats a whole other story.

Cell phone providers are tricky as well. My mom lives out in a small town in the country. I’ve had service providers before that would NOT WORK THERE. No they weren’t just in roaming, They wouldnt dial/recieve calls ANYTHING. Yeah, kinda don’t like when that happens.

And of course, I don’t want a service that is going to cost me an ARM and a LEG. Some prices out there are just ridiculous. I’m a Mom Blogger, I want to be able to look at things from my phone. And texting is a must for me. Sometimes its just easier to get that message to a person when you know they are working or just can’t answer their phone.

What cell phone providers have you had that you have fallen in love with? Ok, maybe “love” is the wrong word. What provider have you used that has been the greatest experience for you? And I’m checking out phones as well. You have to have a fun phone right?

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  1. I love Verizon! We've been using them for about 10 years now! They are the best around here. The best coverage & the best prices/phones. DH and I both have Palm Treos with Windows service. They are great for browsing the net/blogging on the go!

  2. I need a new phone too! I live with Mr. Tightwad though, and we have no text messaging or email on phones. And it sucks. My contract is up…and I’m just holding out until the first of the year. We have Alltel and they were purchased by Verizon, so I’m waiting to see what the change will be like. I’m sure we will stay with them as they have the best towers in our area. Good luck, it’s tough. I’d love to find help getting a phone!

  3. Verizon is good, but you definitely pay the price. Sprint would be a close rival in terms of coverage and their prices are way better. Right now we have T-Mobile, which I don’t mind. But we got the “free” phones when we signed up just 3 months ago, and mine is already about to fall to pieces. They are just not practical for a mommy on the go. Also, the coverage sux, but they are a lot cheaper than Sprint, so you get what you pay for.

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