8 Mommy Secrets to Manage Labor Pain

Labor is probably one of the hardest, most unpredictable times in a woman’s life. She’s been pregnant for 9 whole months, watched her body change and grow, felt many different emotions, and now it’s time to all come to an end by pushing out her little bundle of joy and finally becoming a mother. Labor strikes fear in the hearts of most women, due to all of the horror stories you hear on a regular basis. However, there are many ways you can manage your labor pain so the experience is bearable for you. Here are 8 mommy secrets to help you during labor:


1. Listen to Soothing Music

Music literally has the power to take a moment in life and make it something extra special, so it makes sense to make yourself a soothing music playlist to listen to during labor. Some people call this playlist the ‘designer playlist’, because you design it based on what will soothe you and give you the energy to go on during this stressful time. We recommend you make a playlist at least 8 hours long to get you through, and create a combination of soothing and motivational music. Avoid heavy music, as this can increase feelings of anger and despair.

2. Use Water Therapy

Getting into a tub of warm water while in labor has been proven to be just as effective as taking narcotics! Sitting in a tub of water gives the feeling of weightlessness, and the warmth of the water should soothe tense muscles. Shower nozzles can even be effective for women with lower back pain.

3. Make Low, Deep Noises

Instead of screeching at the top of your voice, try dropping your shoulders and making deep, low noises instead. Some women even like to sing songs, repeat certain words, or count. This is how you can distract the mind from the pain.

4. Try Different Positions

Some women think that the only position to be in in labor is lying down, but you will probably find that other positions work better for you. You could lean forward against a wall, get on your hands and knees, rock from side to side, whatever makes you feel more comfortable.

5. Have Someone There to Support You

You’ll be in the presence of nurses and midwives all throughout your labor, but it could help to have a trusted friend or family member there with you to calm you down and let you know that everything is going to be alright.

6. Meditate and Visualize

By meditating and visualizing yourself in a calm, tranquil place, you can calm yourself and prepare for pushing your baby out into the world. Instead of thinking of each contraction as pain, think of it as something productive that your body is doing to help you get your baby out.

7. Hire a TENS Machine

A TENS machine is a natural way to relieve labor pains and help you to control your labor. Hire an obstetric TENS machine if you feel that this natural form of pain relief could help you – many women swear by it!

8. Educate Yourself

By learning all about labor, you will decrease your fear of the unknown. Read all about labor and what you can expect to help ease your fears!

Your labor can be controlled by using these techniques to create a relaxed experience. Once it’s over, it’ll all be worth it!
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