5 Baby Stages I Enjoy Most

5 Baby Stages I Enjoy Most 1

Babyhood is exhausting, there’s no disputing that fact. The sleepless nights, life filled with feedings and diaper changes, spit up, lots of laundry, bouts of fussiness, even endless crying if colic rears it’s ugly head. The thing is babyhood is also very rewarding and fun. Having had eight babies of my own, I have found that after each one there were certain stages I enjoyed more than I did the baby before.

Here are 5 baby stages I enjoy most:

  1. Sweet cuddles. Nothing can compare to holding a sweet newborn in my arms. It is a beautiful thing to watch a newborn baby sleep. The facial expressions they make, the way their mouth moves as if they are feeding. Newborn days are so fleeting that I learned to cherish those cuddles all the more with each baby.
  2. Precious Smiles. Who can resist a baby’s smile? I think baby smiles are one thing that has the ability to bring cheer to the biggest grump or brighten the worst day.
  3. Coos and Goos. Forget TV when you have a baby who will respond to your talking with coos and goos. It is the most entertaining fun to talk to a baby, wait and then hear them respond.  I loved listening to my husband talk to our babies.
  4. Grasping for toys. When a baby is just starting to grasp at toys it is the most humorous thing to watch them concentrate, reach, grasp only to miss. Then they try again and again until they get it. They never give up. Whether it’s grasping for toys, learning to crawl or walk – they never give up. It’s too bad we loose that tenacity when we get older.
  5. Lazy days of nursing lots. I admit when I had my first child it was hard to just sit down and relax when I had a newborn in the house. There was always something to do and I needed to get it all done. I was an over achiever as my husband would say. I gradually learned to enjoy the lazy days of nursing because all the other household tasks would be there, but my babies were only babies once.

No matter how old your baby or child(ren) is it’s important to saver and enjoy whatever stage they are in because they won’t be in that stage for very long.

How about you, have you struggled with certain baby stages only to come to enjoy them after a while? What baby stage do you enjoy the most? Leave a comment to let me know.

Theresa has been married for nearly 18 years and is mom to 8 beautiful children. She is also a WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom). In addition to blogging, she is a Virtual Assistant with her own company as well as an independent contractor with Your USA VA. Her interests include: reading, writing, travel, education, being an entrepreneur, being self sufficient by growing her own food through farming and gardening. To learn more about her and her family visit her blog Faith and Family Reviews.

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