4 Tips To Make Your Kitchen Super Organized For Spring

It’s the time of the year where we love to pull on a pair of rubber gloves and have a good old clean around the house. We move our sofa – a once in a blue moon occasion – to vacuum the carpet underneath, and we rifle through piles of paper to figure out what’s important and what’s not. Cleaning and sorting out your clutter is one thing, but you can do more than this to really get the most out of your spring cleaning experience; and that’s in the form of getting organised with storage.

One of the rooms in the home that can benefit from an organisational makeover is the kitchen, as we seem to spend many hours in there cooking, chatting, doing homework and generally spending time together as a family. That’s why I’ve put together a few tips to make your kitchen super organised for spring and onwards throughout the year.


Do you have enough storage space in your kitchen? Whether you have cupboards or a larder, how you organise your dry food and drink can be important to how much usable space you have. Sometimes by getting rid of unnecessary packaging, you can significantly reduce the size of the products on your shelves. Also, make sure you put products with nearing expiry dates towards the front of the cupboard so you know when to throw things away if needed. If you need to, look for suitable shelving or drawers for your kitchen for a little bit of extra space.

Plastic storage boxes

In the same vein as above, you might find that airtight storage boxes are useful in your kitchen. For example, you might buy a flat box for spaghetti, or you might buy an upright tub with an easy-off lid for breakfast cereals. Boxes stack quite neatly in the cupboard too so you’ll find that everything fits in there a bit more easily too.


Think about your appliances too and how they fit into the space. If you are short on it, why not consider a combination washer and dryer? Also, if you have a microwave taking up valuable counter area, think about whether you actually use it day-to-day or whether you can put it away when it isn’t in use. In regards to other appliances,  large American style fridge freezers can allow you to keep your cold food organised on shelves and compartments, and small appliances such as health grills and waffle makers could be placed in storage if they aren’t frequently used.

Recycling bins

Finally, how do you store all of your rubbish and recycling in your kitchen before you bring it outdoors for collection? There are a number of ingenious ways to do this including buying one bin that has a separator built-in, as well as finding miniature countertop bins that can be emptied more frequently. These products can certainly look a bit neater than leaving recyclables all over the counter!

About the author

Emma McGregor is a lifestyle blogger from Edinburgh. She is planning her spring clean in a fortnight, and wants to use her own tip and look for a stylish American fridge freezer online to reward herself for her efforts.

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