Adapting with COVID-19

It still seems like a whirlwind that my children’s Spring Break turned into the end of the school year. If you are like our family, we have been dealing with lots of schedule changes and making the best of what we can.

With Nathan and Lucas receiving various therapy services, several of such went to appointments by computer while others have been cancelled and we are still waiting to get rescheduled. Some of my own appointments seem like a lost cause to an extent.

As Nick and I have been working hard on a variety of things, we were planning to launch our business with several purses and other designs that I’ve been working to learn. Instead, I have lost track of how many masks we have made. It became clear we needed to launch HarleyPunkDesigns with our masks as many people were messaging requests to us. Luckily, I’ve been able to sew quite a few for friends and family. We made a point to get all kinds of fabric designs to help kids in finding something fun to be a bit more enticing to wearing a face mask.

Tonight is our local school board meeting and the return to school plan is on the agenda. Most schools already announced with the state deadline to submit July 1st. Only time will tell.

How has your family dealt with COVID-19 restrictions?

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