Different Ways to Decorate your Nappy Cake

Different Ways to Decorate your Nappy Cake 1

Giving a nappy cake is a great way to help the parents stock up on supplies of essential items when they are ready to welcome a new baby into their lives.


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With the arrival of a new bundle of joy into a family, it can be a hectic period in your life where you almost feel rushed off your feet. An excellent way to help any friends or family members when they are expecting the imminent arrival of a baby is to treat them to a nappy cake to show them how much you care. A nappy cake is full of useful things that a newborn baby is going to need, such as;

  • Nappies
  • Bath Lotion
  • Powder
  • Toys
  • Clothes

You can get nappy cakes that are specifically made for boys, girls, or unisex, and a great way to give a personal touch is to decorate it yourself.

Using Vibrant Colours to Decorate your Nappy Cake

The birth of a baby is a joyous occasion, so you should choose vibrant colours to decorate your nappy cake. You can go with the traditional blue for boys and pink for girls, but choosing a unisex colour that is bright and attractive is also something that is worth considering. When you choose red, yellow, or green, or any other bright colour, your nappy cake will most likely stand out amongst all of the other gifts that are received and will help to brighten up the room.

Decorating your Nappy Cake with Animals

Another simple and affordable way that you can decorate a nappy cake is to use pictures of animals or even cartoons and place these strategically around. You can either make a nappy cake yourself, or there are also plenty of different companies that sell these pre-made. A quick search for Nappy cakes Sydney, or where ever it is that you live, will show many companies offering this service. Even if you purchase a nappy cake, you can still decorate it yourself. Pictures and cartoons are easily downloadable on the internet for free, and you can print these of with ease using a modern printer. There are various different themes that you could use:

  • The Lion King
  • The Jungle Book
  • Peter Pan for a boy
  • Pocahontas for a girl
  • Mickey Mouse and friends

The list is almost endless and you can even choose a theme which one of the parents used to like as a child.

Wrapping Up your Nappy Cake

As you are decorating your nappy cake, it would be a shame to wrap it in a paper so that people cannot see the contents. To combat this, you can use clear wrapping plastic, which is also available in a range of different shades. When you wrap your nappy cake in plastic wrap, it will allow people to see the work that has gone into decorating the nappy cake so that everyone can appreciate it. Wrap the cake using the plastic in the same way that you would wrap a bowl of fruit, scrunching the plastic up at the top. You can then use colourful ribbons to tie the top of the plastic, and you can finish it off with a fancy bow. For that finishing touch, why not add a helium balloon and tie this to the top of the nappy cake where you tied the ribbon. These types of balloons are available in a range of different styles, colours, and they can finish off your gift nicely. Ultimately though, just the thought and the effort you put in will make your friends or family member extremely grateful for your gift. You can also enjoy watching their new baby growing up in the years to come.

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