2011 Holiday Christmas Cards from Tiny Prints

Last year, we had a blast sending out photo card Christmas cards to our family and friends. With my in-laws all the way down in Florida and family spread out throughout the country, it was a fun way to send on pictures of our girls and they were definitely a big hit with our recipients.

2011 Holiday Christmas Cards from Tiny Prints 1

When it comes down to it, Tiny Prints has become a favorite for me when it comes to anything related to printing and stationary products. When I saw the release of their 2011 Christmas Cards collection, I have to say I was pretty pumped to start looking at designs. When it comes down to it, my girls are always on the move so sometimes, getting that picture where they’re both looking at me at the same time is just plain impossible. Last year, to make things easier on myself-I picked a card with TWO photos so I could pick an individual photo of Kelsie and Aubrey. Both girls were on the card, smiling for all to see.

This year, I have a new camera I’ve had plenty of fun snapping photos and capturing things around us so it will really help in capturing those just right smiles again this year for family and friends to see. It is hard for me to believe that next year, we will be adding two faces to those Christmas photos!

As our Christmas cards come in from others, I like to make them all a part of our decor. In most years, I’ve found myself arranging our cards on our wall as a part of our decoration for those visiting to see and our girls have also gotten a kick out of seeing the many designs.

What are your favorites about Christmas cards?


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