ZeroWater Filtration Pitcher Review and Giveaway

ZeroWater Filtration Pitcher Review and Giveaway 1

Several years ago, we moved to a smaller town. I have always been one to drink water, especially while pregnant. Since moving though, I found myself purchasing more bottled water than before. Despite refrigerating tap water here, it just doesn’t taste fresh and if I can’t enjoy it cold-I know my children won’t either. We’ve used filters in the past but you never know how fully clean it is getting.

With the chance to check out the ZeroWater Filtration Pitcher, not only are we filtering our water to purify it, we can also use the TSD (Total Solids Dissolved) Meter to test our water for purification levels.

ZeroWater’s patented 5-stage water filter system is the only system certified to meet the Food & Drug Administration’s standards for Purified Bottled Water, offering you and your family great taste and peace of mind at an affordable cost.

The ZeroWater 10-Cup filter-pitcher is equipped with a laboratory grade tester, so you can measure your tap water before and after it’s filtered and be assured you are drinking crisp, great tasting water, free of all dissolved solids. The pitcher’s sleek design allows for easy fill, refrigeration and pour.

To test our city water and see what I did was frightening to say the least but also made me think about WHY our tap water just didn’t taste good to me.
ZeroWater Filtration Pitcher Review and Giveaway 2

Yikes is the only thing I can really say to seeing a number that high when you ultimately want nothing but zeros. I immediately poured water from the pitcher and got this reading.

ZeroWater Filtration Pitcher Review and Giveaway 3

Now, I think it might have been that I used the same container to pour water that resulted in having a 1 (residue from water straight from the tap) but it just astonished me to see such a drastic change. Our family uses water for cooking, drinking, even baby bottles and to think of everything coming in from our faucet just isn’t ideal.

I have to say that Aubrey is my mini-me when it comes to water and if it’s cold water, she will happily drink it, normally with a “MMMM…that’s delicious!” She too has made it apparent she doesn’t care for our tap water the way it is and would happily grab for a bottle of my water. Being able to filter water and have it straight in a pitcher in our fridge is perfect for filling up cups and of course, we can’t deny ice cold water with warmer weather here!

The pitcher fit on our top shelf, as you can see, not much taller than a container of milk. Not only does the pitcher have an easy pour spout so it never has to leave the fridge but if you need water faster or in a larger quantity, you can also pour from the other side, just like you would a regular pitcher.

ZeroWater Filtration Pitcher Review and Giveaway 4

You can learn more about ZeroWater on their website as well as their account on Facebook!

Buy It-

Using the coupon code MC30, you can purchase your own ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher for 30% off!

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TWO For The Love of Baby! readers will win their very own ZeroWater pitcher as well for their family to enjoy fresh water.

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“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of ZeroWater and received a water pitcher to facilitate my review, two pitchers to giveaway, and extra filters to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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