Yes We Do Hair Removal Too

As an Esthetics student. When I first got thinking about it, I was TERRIFIED. Now that I’ve learned quite a bit of the different processes, I think it’s fun. I’m weird, we’ve already acknowledged that fact.

When I was a teenager, I used to always grab hair removal wax strips when we were at the store. I’d much rather take a few seconds of pain then tweezing over and over again. Of course, if you don’t quite know what you are doing-those eyebrows can turn a bit entertaining! (Yes, I looked like a mad old lady probably once)

Facial hair removal is one of the main things we do in school. Brow shaping, lips, and chin are obvious to take care of. You want to look your best and it’s amazing when someone gets their eyebrows sculpted to fit their features the right way, what it can do to open up the entire face.

I’ve heard of many from laser hair removal, depilatory, sugaring, and eyebrow threading. I think we have all experimented with various hair removal cream products-it’s almost a part of growing up. I’ve heard stories about individuals doing various processes for hair removal, I would like to try the eyebrow threading some day but not quite sure I’m ready for it yet.

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  1. Eyebrow threading IS THE BOMB! YOU have to try it LOL! I seen it on TV and one day at the mall i seen the lady doing it. She wasn’t taking me saying no serious her ass just kept on till i gave in! LOL..It didn’t really hurt and it looked great! I just hate that she is in the middle of the mall and folks be stopping and watching I would prefer a more private place instead of the middle of the mall right by the food court let me add!

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