Wordless Wednesday:Justice for Travis Alexander #Justice4Travis

Wordless Wednesday:Justice for Travis Alexander #Justice4Travis 1

The other week, I was given the address for Travis Alexander’s sister Tanisha. Tanisha is one of the sisters that has sat through the entire Jodi Arias trial

I felt compelled to send a letter of support. I assumed she has been flooded with letters and I was just happy knowing I was letting her know they were all thought of.

On Monday when I went to the post office, I saw a card inside but I didn’t recognize the handwriting. My birthday is next week so “Huh” was the thought. I turned the envelope over to see Tanisha’s name and address.

I did not expect anything in return but this was a pleasant surprise. I was so glad to be able to share words with her.

Justice For Travis

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  1. Glad to see compassion for others. I think we need to show that more to each other in these unexplainable times, my question though why on earth did they set Jodi in front of his poor siblings? Really cool she wrote back & says something about the whole family’s character! Praying for them in my thoughts and prayer’s

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