Wordless Wednesday:A New Living Room

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This weekend, we primed our entire living room. We hadn’t fully decided on a paint color but I had a general idea. Soooo, while I was home with the twins, I decided on a whim to look at the Valspar website and upload a photo of our living room. I played a bit, put the twins in the car, and off to the hardware store. Within about ten minutes, I had a color picked out, and well, the start of our new living room design is beginning!
Valspar Paint.

Valspar paint, living room, DIY, home

Stay tuned! I’ve got a ways to go and have to do it in sections with the twins wanting to “Help” of course!

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  1. I love that color. I think it’s going to look awesome when the paint job is done.

  2. Looks like you’re doing a great job with the painting. Can’t wait to see the finished product when you’re done.

  3. Looks like you are off to a great start, you have chosen a great color. Redoing a room of the house is hard work, especially with twins.

  4. Wow, you picked out a color quick! It would have taken me forever to decide. Good luck!

  5. OH I like the color, reminds me of clouds on a sunny day for some reason.

    1. Yeah uh, I turned my back to paint the other wall and turned around to a hand in the paint. /facepalm.

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