Wordless Wednesday-Snow Sucks

Wordless Wednesday-Snow Sucks 1




This weather sucks. The wind is blowing NASTY right now and I can imagine, it’s only going to get worse. The news just said 1/4 mile visibility. 40 mph winds. The National Guard was been deployed to Southeastern Iowa.

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    1. AMEN!!! I’m in San Antonio, but it is really cold here. We’re having rolling blackouts today because people are using so much energy. We’re wimps. I’ve got my heat on only for the second time this year. Old Man Winter, Go Away!

  1. That stinks! Stay warm. North Texas is seeing the coldest temperature in 15 years tonight. Official forecast is for the low to be 10. We’ll see what it actually is in the morning. I can’t imagine the weather you guys are having.

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