Wordless Wednesday: IKEA really does have it all

When Tanya and I were in Chicago for the Brands and Bloggers Summit, she told me I had to see IKEA. I was AMAZED. I have never been to an IKEA before but I LOVED IT. I hope to be able to go back again to help get some goodies for the babies 🙂

One thing that awed me was the restaurant inside.

Wordless Wednesday: IKEA really does have it all 1

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  1. Our IKEA is opening in Denver TOMORROW! I used to go in CA all the time, and then in MN when we go back there – but now we have our own! I can’t wait! (ps the swedish meatballs are my favorite!)

  2. We don’t have any IKEA’s here {Vegas} but I’ve actually been to that same one! My family lives in Chicago so whenever I visit them I demand they take me to IKEA, even though nothing I would buy would actually fit in my carry-on. 😉

  3. This post is cool especially because this morning we got up at 4 AM to head over to our brand new Ikea Grand opening day and boy are we excited. Ikea is where we used to hope to get to go when on vacation.

  4. We always have a good time at Ikea. We’ve been known to just make an afternoon of it.

  5. The kids are always wanting to eat there but it is always so busy! My husband is an IKEA junkie.

  6. WHAT!! You have never been to IKEA??! I am glad you enjoyed your visit.. I LOVE Ikea! 🙂 We actually got Carli’s crib there and now Katelyn is using it and it’s still in amazing condition! 🙂

  7. I’ve never been to an IKEA before, either, but I have heard that the food there is amazing.
    I couldn’t believe that they served food at a furniture store. Cool.

  8. Love IKEA — any time I have family in, they all DEMAND to go, lol. Fun store.

  9. we love IKEA. However, last time we went there, we measure the girls and they were up to the line to play in the play area, however, when it was our turn to sign them in (after 30 min waiting), the attendants siad our younger daughter was not tall enough!

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