When do BABIES get shots in their arms?

When do BABIES get shots in their arms? 1So yesterday was Aubrey’s 18 month birthday. With that, came her 18 month well child appointment. We discussed her growth and development (she is one tall little girl!) and doctor was very happy with her.

Then came the dreaded time for shots. Now we’ve already learned Tylenol before it comes time to leave for the Pediatrics office. But something stopped me dead in my tracks this appointment time. “Her arms might be a little sore once we’re done” Uh Wait. WHAT? A dTap and Hepatitis vaccination in my 18 month’s ARMS?

As we waited, I quickly tweeted out,

Isn’t 18 mths a little young to get shots in arms? Waiting on nurse and told it will be in her arms

I was quickly getting my answer. I wasn’t alone in my thinking that the nurse was NUTS. I heard of up to eleven year old children still getting shots in their legs. Those little arms are SCRAWNY. I know I whine when I get a shot in my arm, how would I let you do that to my little girl? No. Especially as TWO nurses walked in (knowing you already plan on my daughter needing held down by more than me and dad? No way in hell!)

I remember shots going right into my back side when I was little. So of course we said, “We’re not sure we’re okay with them going in her arms. She’s a little too young for them there and we know friends children that are four and still getting them in their legs.” Our not so friendly nurse replied with, “Well I guess I can do them in her legs but uh no, a four year old would never not get them in their arms.

When did healthcare become so impersonal? While this was my first encounter with this nurse, I wasn’t impressed. I’m normally in love with our nurse. She’s very baby-friendly and definitely feels for a little one hurting. Some band-aids were slapped on and off she went.

My question to you- When did your children begin getting shots in their arms?  Do I continue to fight them everytime we have to get vaccinations now? Or do I go elsewhere?

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  1. Aaliyah MY Four year old STILL got them in her legs. We plan to do the legs til she’s atleast old enough to know to stay still and not be too scared. So…who knows what age that is. SO YES I have a FOUR year old who gets them in her legs still. She got 2 at her 4 year wellness and they were both in the legs & they did the Flu Vaccine in her nose (which was a first for us, and last!) Shots in the arms shouldn’t be until the child actually hs big enough arms to handle it.. in my opinon. I don’t know. I am shocked by the whole thing!

  2. I posted on your FB, but it was 12 months for Lauren and Jillian still gets her shots in her legs because she doesn’t use them. 😉 The thought is, when they’re more mobile, they don’t want to bug their legs to much so they can still walk/run, etc.
    .-= Cheryl´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

    1. Her legs are fine once they are done-We took her to arcade and all. You are the first to tell me a younger age. I’m glad I didn’t have them done in her arms or else she would have had a horrible day yesterday.

  3. Tucker is 4 1/2 and still gets shots in his legs. I like it better there because there’s more baby fat in the legs. Why can’t adults get shots in their legs? I have plenty of fat there. 😆
    .-= Tanya @ Mommy Goggles´s last blog ..This is how we come down the stairs =-.

  4. I am trying to remember when my older son who is now almost six started getting shots in his arms. I know for his shots before kindergarten they were all in his arms, they used both. Prior to that that his last shots were at his three year check-up I think that one was given in his leg.

  5. I’m a registered medical assistant. We’ve been told we are supposed to put them in the arms once a child was able to walk. Typically we keep doing them in the legs until they are about 4 years old though.

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