Top Tips for Helping Your Child with Math

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Math can be a stressful subject for a lot of children, but it can be made much easier on them if they’re given the tools to succeed. There’s a lot for a child to remember right from a young age when they begin to learn about adding and subtracting and times tables, to algebra, specific theorems and more. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways for parents to help their children with their math problems and homework from home in order to gear them up for developing their future skills.

In this guide from a senior school in North London, we look at some top tips to help your child with their math.

Work on specific methods first

Most math homework assignments will involve a lot of different equations and methods that students will be required to use in order to get the right answer. They tend to be close to each other in a booklet or an exam, but it’s fair to say your child will encounter them at any time during an exam or a mock test.

Your child will have to look out for these similar methods throughout their time studying math. Therefore, when your child comes home and is looking at their homework or revision, you can help them out by separating these different questions into groups. That way, your child has an opportunity to really focus on a particular math’s method and put it into practice multiple times until they feel comfortable with these kinds of questions.

Aim to not overload your child

Like with any kind of revision, regardless of the subject, it’s wise to not give them too many things to focus on at once. Look at particular areas your child is strong in first, and work together on solving problems that they struggle with more later on. Give them that reassurance that they can work at their own pace, and ensure they take plenty of breaks when they’re working on their math studies.

Talk to your child’s teachers about their progress

Your child’s math teacher is going to know a lot more about their progress than you necessarily will, which is why having a chat with them will reveal a lot about where your child is in their studies. Teachers can discuss with you what areas your child can improve in, and areas they feel more comfortable in. Having that knowledge will help you give particular studies your child can work on, which will give your child more strength in their math skills.

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