Too Young for Pain Meds?

Too Young for Pain Meds? 1

I have seen specialists and new doctors over and over again since dealing with headaches and pain. I’ve been injected I don’t even know how many times. My hips are starting to have solid lumps from almost daily/every other day.

I’ve been on Vicodin once while Toradol started to no longer work (yet they still make me have those shots first). I have told doctors I did not want to be on “drugs”-at this point, I could care less. I have tried all these “prevention” meds to no avail or the meds had my whole system out of whack. I’ve never had blood pressure issues until I took the Cymbalta and Savella.

Too Young for Pain Meds? 2

The muscle relaxers left me with my mouth so dry I was getting canker sores and so dizzy at times, I have been afraid to  carry Aubrey. And yet with it, still the headache from HELL. I would rather have the sharp someone is stabbing me headache versus the constant nagging pressure behind my eyes and pushing pain into my temples. Your entire head feels tender and of course, my back tenses up-completely canceling out the “muscle relaxer”.

This past week, when asking the doctors if there’s anything I can do on the REALLY BAD days where I just can’t take it (more than less lately) and was told “only injectables” until we got me in with a NEW neurologist . (Funny I have to return to neurology when they signed off on me when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia)

So really…I am forced to go to the ER every day/every other day. I’ve sat in pain crying instead of going to the ER to be treated like someone just waiting for their next “high”. I don’t feel high, it’s relief if they give me something that actually relieves the pain and makes my nerves finally go to sleep.

Why must I suffer while I am a guinea pig to let’s try this, let’s try that? I have stopped all meds related to fibro. My body hates me right now, but not as much as I hate it.

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  1. Wow. I can’t believe they’re putting you through that. First things my doc tried were Elvail and Tramadol. The first to help me sleep and the 2nd for pain because Tramadol I was told is sort of in a class itself apart from Tylenol or ibuprofen. Then I got a script for physical therapy where they worked with me on massage techniques I could do myself at home, and they worked on the trigger points in my neck. As I was finally diagnosed with allergies and migraines and got those under control, a lot of my fibro symptoms calmed down. I was able to wean off the elavil and tramadol.

    I know everyone is different, but NO ONE should be made to live in such debilitating daily pain while the doctors take a “wait and see” approach.

  2. Once again, I feel for you. I’m not taking the meds anymore either. I’m tired of Doctor’s not believing it.
    I’m no longer seeing the stupid Military Doctor’s that think if you can walk and talk then there’s no use them spending their time on you trying to find out the true reason you’re in pain. Nope all they’ll do is keep throwing more and more pills at all the symptoms that pop up, instead of looking at the big picture and trying to find out the true cause of it all. I still think I have a genetic mitrochondrial disease that’s not being treated correctly, because I can’t get them to test for what I believe it to be after all the research I’ve done on my own in regards to all my symptoms. I am once again choaking, even though I supposedly had the best surgery there is for that condition. I just know one day my poor husband will come home from work to find me dead from whatever this condition really is.

  3. You have a RIGHT to proper pain management. Don’t be afraid to take the pain meds you need. I take slow release Oxycodone twice a day and have OxyContin immediate release tabs for the days where that won’t cut it. Ask your neurologist to refer you to a pain management clinic or specialist if he or she doesn’t know how to properly treat you. Go to to look for doctors in your area who specialize in Fibro treatment. I’m only 29 and was diagnosed with Fibro a little less than a year ago. My life has improved significantly since being on these meds. Also, look into an anti-inflammatory diet, herbal supplements and physical therapy–these are all things that have helped me tremendously. Email if you have any questions or just need to vent!

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