Three Years Later…

Three Years Later... 1

February 20th, 2012 marks three years since we lost the man I referred to as “The Rock” of our family-my Grandfather. Not a day goes by that I don’t find myself thinking of him, especially with the birth of my boys.
Three Years Later... 2

My Grandpa was an incredible man and loved everyone with all of his heart. When we found out I was pregnant and expecting twins, we all had plenty of jokes of “What would Grandpa say?” in which we laughed knowing the response would be “Twins, you’re crazy.” Yes Grandpa, as I totally had a say in the matter when God decided I was having twins LOL.

Now the amount of girls in my family is unreal. My grandparents had six girls before they got their one son. Of that, 9 Grandchildren were girls and 5 boys.

My Grandpa would have gotten such a kick out of seeing my little boys. I know how much he loved seeing Kelsie and Aubrey and it stings thinking about the boys not getting a chance to meet Great-Grandpa.

We miss you Grandpa. <3 Not a day goes by. I can admit that yes, I still cry. But in reality, I know it just shows me how truly important you were and you made an impact, more than anyone would ever know. You helped make me who I am today, even if I inherited your stubborn gene 😉 I already know I got my smartass from you 😉

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