This Weather….

Yeah That's Right. My skin is like the desert right now.

has got me ITCHING. My skin is DRY. As I type, I am fighting the urge to scratch away. I drink water. I moisturize. But nothing is keeping my skin hydrated. Sad isn’t it? I mean, I’m an esthetics student. I’m supposed to know how to keep your skin looking glowing and healthy. I’m not a very good walking billboard you know what I mean?

Here. Let’s treat your skin but oh wait. Mine looks like hell. Now, my face being dry is warranted from learning I’m allergic to a Bioelements Product we use ALOT at school. Not very fun to be practicing on each other and your face turn bright red and itch like no other, let me tell ya. That wasn’t a very fun experience. So my face is trying to recover from that and is eating my moisturizer alive.

Somebody help me. Alright, I’m going back to dealing with this dry skin and gonna down another gallon of water.

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  1. I think some people are just more sensitive than others. It’s really dry where we live especially in the winter and it doesn’t seem to bother me too much. Sure I get dry skin but it’s just a little flaky. But my DH gets horrible cracks in his knuckles and his skin is so rough. It’s weird how it affects him and not me….

    I hope you find a product that helps!

  2. Oh I hear you I get so itchy in the winter. Maybe everything else itches from the reaction?

  3. My skin is so dry too. Ugh! Mist winters I have to get a special moisturizer just so my face isn’t flaky.

  4. Oh yes–winter skin. My hands are cracked and nearly bleeding. I’ve started slathering them with Shea It Isn’t So hand cream from Bath & Body Works and sleeping in cotton gloves. Even that isn’t helping much.

  5. My skin isnt too bad now that I have been using the Vaseline Sheer Infusions Lotion that I won!

    Leaves skin SILKY SMOOTH!!

  6. I hate that itchy feeling. I actually really like the skin free line, it helps my skin quite a bit. My boys both have dry mouth so bad right now too. WTG on drinking all that water, hope it helps!

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