The Bonus Features of One Tree Hill Season Eight

The Bonus Features of One Tree Hill Season Eight 1

As the final season of One Tree Hill has premiered, we have found ourselves going back through the previous seasons and of course, I’ve needed a few refreshers from last season.

Season Eight on DVD features over two hours of bonus features including 3 all-new featurettes, two full-length commentaries, deleted scenes and a hilarious gag reel. I have always been a fan of checking out the bonus features, especially for One Tree Hill. As a huge fan of One Tree Hill, having the additional features gives you an inside look to enjoy what goes into making the series what it is and of course, get a few laughs at the cast’s expense ;).

One of my favorites has always been the gag reels and I could easily watch over and over again, it might be the old community theater actress in me that knows how much you can laugh at yourself when you make an error in your lines. It makes me appreciate the work each actor puts into their role and creating the individual characters.

I’m also excited to check out the featurette, Season GrEight!:Memories of One Tree Hill’s Eighth Season. Sometimes there’s so much that can happen in a season, it’s nice to be able to have the “flash” of important events that happened throughout. With Brooke and Julian’s wedding, Haley and Nathan expecting their baby girl, and much much more, it’s no wonder there’s plenty of memories to remember!

For fans of One Tree Hill, the Eighth Season will definitely be one to own! Includes all 22 episodes on 5 discs plus all-new featurettes, commentaries, deleted scenes and gag reel!

If you have yet to experience One Tree Hill Season Eight, don’t miss out and grab it on DVD now, as well as!

When you purchase this season of One Tree Hill it will include a code that you can enter at the given website which will allow you to access the entire season of the show on any device with access to Flixster. Take the season on the road with you, without even having to pack the DVDs in your bag. On a plane, on a train, in the car, or even while you’re laying out at the beach, Ultra Violet gives you access anywhere you are.

One Tree Hill – S8 'Stop!' by thewbdotcom
And of course, don’t miss out on the final season of One Tree Hill every Wednesday at 8/7c on the CW!

I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote One Tree Hill Season Eight on DVD.

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