Talking to Santa Online Easier? Not with Paltalk

Talking to Santa Online Easier? Not with Paltalk 1

Recently I was given information to log in to a video chat forum online that gave parents the chance for their children to talk to Santa via webcam in their own home versus having to stand in line at the mall and kids being rushed by outside “pressures” in their talks with Santa.

To offer parents a less stressful (and free!) way to have their kids meet Santa,, the premier provider of software and technology for real-time, rich media, interactive social networking, will allow children and adults to meet Santa over video chat.

After finishing up a Christmas movie tonight and preparing our children for bed and quiet time, I remembered the e-mail I had received and figured hey, let’s talk to Santa. We were discussing Christmas and presents under the tree so I thought it would be a fun end of the night to get Santa on camera. Right? WRONG. 

As I registered on logged-in, I had to get used to the whole chat room concept but pulled up my web camera and “raised” my hand for the girls to talk to Santa. We heard other children talking to Santa and I thought it was cute. Within less than five minutes, Santa stated he had to “Go out to check the reindeer and make sure they weren’t eating to many treats but he’d be right back.” Ok…

Talking to Santa Online Easier? Not with Paltalk 2While we sat to wait, an “admin elf” proceeded to say “No worries, it will only take a minute or two, Santa probably just went for a smoke.” Wait, WHAT? No, this wasn’t typed out, this was said out loud on mic for my three and four year old daughter to hear.

The turn-by-turn video chat platform ensures that every child will have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with Santa. With less of a line, children will have the chance to speak with Santa without any outside pressures rushing them along. 

 Children are welcome to log-in through and speak with Santa while accompanied by an adult. The video chat room is constantly monitored by administrators to ensure the safety and well-being of all users.

Monitored by admins that tell us Santa is out smoking? Sure, Santa’s of legal age to smoke but did my children need to hear it? NO.

Santa made his way back into the chat room. An individual was pulled up to talk with Santa. When Santa asked them what they wanted for Christmas, the entire room was greeted with “Can you bring me a bag of weed Santa?” Now, rather than doing something to instantly block this user, the individual was actually acknowledged and of course, I’m sure my children weren’t the only ones going “Huh?”

Am I an overreacting Mother? Who knows, maybe. When I am told that by logging in, my children can talk to Santa in an appropriate environment and two occurrences make my jaw drop, I’d say no, I’m not overreacting.

While these incidences might be “minimal”, I can only imagine what other individuals are lurking in said chat room that are waiting to say much worse or even attempt to interact with children. If these incidences occurred with “Monitoring” for a safe environment-what else is possible? We all know predators are lurking everywhere.

I think I’ll take the stress of standing in line at the mall to see Santa.

After posting this, I decided to go back into the room and monitor for myself. Sure enough, I was soon receiving a private message from a “39/m/ New York” telling me to turn on my cam. THIS WEBSITE IS NOT BEING MONITORED FOR SAFETY. KEEP YOUR CHILDREN AWAY FROM THIS SITE AND AWAY FROM THE “SANTA CHAT”. First hand I can now tell you individuals are lingering and waiting to prey on children for god knows what.

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh! I saw this online, but didn’t have any care to see it. I have even less care to now. Thank you for sharing your experience! We will gladly wait our time for Santa at the mall.

    1. I downloaded and logged on and was so impressed that my kids were able to talk to Santa without leaving my living room. When Santa had to leave they were entertained by the Elf mc. I never felt there was a danger to them or me because I was able to control the experience totally so I guess you just had a bad deal.

      1. Anne,

        I see that you came directly to my site from a PalTalk Chat room so I can imagine there were quite a few “regulars”. I’m sorry but an Elf MC telling kids Santa had to go smoke is NOT very entertaining. Also seeing adults trying to get private chats in a children’s chat room? I don’t think so.

  2. SoSanta couldn’t wait to smoke? I mean really? And even if he was that bad of a chain smoker stating he had to use the rest room wasn’t more appropriate?!? sent my kids letters telling them to tell their mom & dad to pay for their yearly santa letter. Nice, huh?

  3. Absolutely NOT. This site should be taken down for claiming to offer a “safe” environment for children, but still allowing ANY kind of private chat. Absolutely NOT okay.

  4. this sounds very interesting. i did not think they could use santa to manipulate children like this. i am surprised this site is still around.

  5. I have to say that I personally know this Santa and he is the most loving and caring person. He actually came to my house last Christmas Eve. Santa and Mrs. Clause do a lot of charity work at the local children’s hospitals and other places. I am sure that you were just there on a bad night. I am going to bring this up to them to let them know of your experience. I can honestly say that they were not aware that this has happened. I do hope you try this website again this year. Merry Christmas!!!

    1. They were well aware of the situation as they were e-mailed several times about it.

      I also know that there is more than one Santa that works this “program” so you really have no way of knowing which one it was.

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