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As a mother of 2 young children and a college student, I know it’s important to save money. No matter what the purchase, I am definitely a comparison shopper and like to check out several stores before making a purchase to ensure we are saving the most money. While some might think it’s easier to just grab and go, with today’s economy-every cent adds up. has become a great online resource for everyday items as well as the specific purchases we are looking for. A search by price-comparison site, it allows me to find the prices of items from some of the nations largest retailers.

Gerber Graduates Snack Puffs.

graduatepuffsWith Aubrey learning how to eat new foods, she has been all about exploring finger foods. A great “snack” we have found are the Gerber Graduates Snack Puffs. Not only do they help Aubrey with motor development by grasping the puffs but they are made with whole grains and real fruits and veggies in a variety of flavors. It’s a healthy alternative to snack crackers or potato chips and I know she loves the variety. is a source I intend to use to grab some more of these snacks in bulk as we easily go through a large variety of these in a month.

Huggies Clean Team

Huggies-CleanTeam-Flushable-Moist-Wipes-largeKelsie has begun potty training and with that, we are teaching her all about hygiene. Another product that is making a regular visit into our household is the Huggies Clean Team Wipes. The wipes are a flushable alternative to baby wipes, making it easy for your toddler to get clean. We’ve also used them on the go for wiping off those dirty hands and faces and I love the Blue Melon Splash. You can tell Kelsie loves being able to assert her independence “getting clean” all by herself! is excellent not only for saving money on baby items but plenty more household items. What products are a must-have for you when price-comparison shopping?

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  1. I am also enjoying Pebble. My son loves the Graduate Yogurt bites, but we haven’t tried the Puffs yet. When shopping online, I compare everything. I never buy anything without checking to see if I can get it cheaper elsewhere.

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