How to Plan a Trip to Singapore on a Budget

How to Plan a Trip to Singapore on a Budget 1

Singapore is one of the most expensive countries in the world. It is by no means easy on the pockets of travelers. Most people prefer to visit this beautiful country for a quick skip and hop only. But if you miss out on Singapore because of its reputation of being expensive, you might miss out on exploring a great place with a lot to offer. But not to fret as here are 5 ways to explore Singapore on a budget and make the most of its sights and sounds.

Book your tickets in advance  

One way to shave off expenses on travels is to book your tickets in advance. When you have time to plan a trip, you can spend considerable time in finding the best deals on flights. If you are planning your trip from India, you can book Mumbai to Singapore flight tickets through any number of travel and ticketing websites. You can find excellent discounts on these websites especially if you are not particular about the airline or the time of travel.

Stay in hostels or with locals

Accommodations during travels can add up to big expenses. When in Singapore, you may want to stay in one of the city’s many high-end hotels. But you can save a lot of money by staying in tourist hostels. If you find even the cost of hostels steep, which can be around S$20 or more per night, you can try couch-surfing. Couch-surfing refers to staying with locals for free. It is a way to meet and make friends and many locals register for the service through relevant websites, offering couch-surfing around the world.

You don’t require paying any money to the hosts. But as a basic courtesy you can offer to help with dinner or gift your hosts something special. Through couch-surfing, you not only save money but can also make new friends and learn about a different culture.

How to Plan a Trip to Singapore on a Budget 2

Eat local food at stalls

Sampling new food is one of the delights of traveling. But food in Singapore can be expensive. To save money on your daily food bill, explore local fare from hawker stalls and food courts. There are many options available for you such as Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisines and continental fares. You can eat your fill of noodle dishes for as low as S$3-4. Explore Chinatown to sample spicy fare at inexpensive prices. Hawker stalls around the old airport area are also excellent for eating on a budget in Singapore.

Also, try Lau Pa Sat in the evening for seafood and chicken delicacies. You can sample Japanese, Filipino and other cuisines also. It can be a bit expensive than other hawker or street food markets. But you will still find it easy on your pocket. Try including a few different food options in your itinerary for variety. With so many good food stalls, you won’t need to step into any fancy restaurant to keep your tummy happy in Singapore.

How to Plan a Trip to Singapore on a Budget 3

Visit attractions for free

You don’t have to pay for expensive shows and attractions that are popular with tourists. Singapore has lots of places, which the tourists can enjoy without paying any money. Some attractions to try are Buddhist, Chinese and Hindu temples in Chinatown. If nature is your thing, explore Singapore’s botanical gardens. A trip to Singapore is not complete without seeing its urban gardens. Set aside an evening to see the Supertree Grove. Try the park at Fort Canning to catch a glimpse of history encased in nature. You can also do the treetop walk at MacRitchie Reservoir or visit several art installations around the city.

Shop smart

Budget traveling seldom involves shop-till-you-drop activities. Anyway, what you can find in mall shops are the same across all cities of the world with little variations. Instead, explore the malls just to see the infrastructure and shops. If you want to buy something, try the wares at Chinatown or other street shops.

With just a little bit of planning, saving on things like Mumbai to Singapore flight ticket bookings and some thrifty ways, you can enjoy Singapore on any budget.

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