Pediped Soft-Soled Baby Shoes

Baby shoes are one of the cutest items you can purchase am I right? But of course, baby shoes are also very important for your little ones feet. It’s vital to make sure your baby shoes are soft and extremely flexible for those little feet learning how to walk. Pediped has created a beautiful line of children’s soft-soled shoes to protect your baby’s feet.


Pediped Shoes are designed to help children’s feet develop naturally. Although it is best for baby to go barefoot, we all know those little toes need protected from elements and surfaces outside and Pediped does just that.

Pediped Originals are designed for children 0 to 24 months. These designs feature soft leather soles and just the right amount of cushioning for baby’s feet. With over 75 designs to choose from, you are sure to find yourself grabbing more than just one pair. grace

Pediped Flex Shoes were created for children from 1 to 5+ years. Flex Designs offer more shock protection as those little ones get moving and running! The Flex Fit System also also additional insoles to be added to your shoe to make it just the right fit for your child.

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