One of the Twins is Crawling.

One of the Twins is Crawling. 1

It is official.

Lucas has figured out how to crawl and now that he has, there’s no stopping him. Within a matter of a few days, this little guy is attempting to pull up on the coffee table, couch, stairs. I’m in for it.One of the Twins is Crawling. 2

There’s no sitting in one spot now that we’ve figured this out of course, it’s much more fun to chase my sisters or Mom and Dad around the house. We’ve had to pull out the baby gates as no matter how many times we pick him up and bring him back out of the kitchen, he makes a mad dash for it. Toys to distract? Ha, you’re FUNNY.

Next will be Nathan. He hasn’t figured out the crawl yet but he knows how to get around. When he crawls, I may or may not cry. The jury is still out on that. I thought chasing one baby was hard? I’m definitely in for it with two. Two boys.

Without further ado, my little mover.

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