My Childrens’ Birthdays

My Childrens' Birthdays 1

With the boys’ “birth” day recently and Kelsie’s birthday coming up, I can’t help but think about a very odd coincidence that has happened in our family.

It is hard to believe but Kelsie will be turning FIVE on February 3rd. As my first born, I am just stunned of how much she has grown and of course, how fast time has gone by. Kelsie picked a birthday with a huge snow and ice storm, making sure she came in on her own terms and making a grand entrance.

Fast forward to Aubrey’s birthday, September 3rd. My labor with Aubrey was a huge story in itself, giving her another grand entrance and of course, many laughs as I once again had another baby born on the 3rd.

If many of you recall from the boys’ birth story, I didn’t know I was contracting when I went to a regular OB appt on the 3rd of January.  Sure enough as we sat and thought about the whole scenario, there’s no doubt in our minds that if they had not originally tried to stop labor, I would have two more babies born on the 3rd of their birth month. While they did not follow the pattern persay (it’s not their fault Mom’s body had to work to get all the anti-labor meds out of my system!), when I was finally in a recovery room and we had had our chance to see the boys in the NICU, hubby realized a new connection to the day that he had missed in all the chaos. The boys were born on January 4th, their late Grandma’s (husband’s mom) birthday. The realization of such was definitely an emotional one but clearly, there was meaning to them arriving when they did.

How do you explain something like this? I don’t really know.

Do you have a pattern of birthdays in your family?

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  1. the only pattern i have is that Jillian wanted to come play with Aubs. 😉 Lauren was born on the 20th of Jan and Jillian on the 8th of Sep. however, if Lauren had been born on the 19th, she would have fit Adam’s family pattern well… Adam’s grandfather- jan. 10, Adam’s mom- jan 13, Adam’s sister, Jan 16. 🙂

  2. We will have Chris and Max in January, Hayden and Abby(the new baby) will be in Febuary… exactly one week apart, and Dakota and I are in April and only 2 days apart. Lol

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