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MommyJenna Resources Series-Coming Soon!

Blogging and influencer marketing continues to grow and change in a variety of ways. Over the next few weeks, we intend to create a variety of resources to help you build your online brand.

We all have to take steps forward, out of our typical comfort zone, to create success. If there’s one thing I myself want to see more of online, I want to use some of my influence to bring more GOOD to the world. Whether I am helping individuals find what they need through a blog post or doing something that helps bring a smile and inspiration. I know that everyone can make a difference.

Some of the things I’ve thought about sharing more on MommyJenna.com have included:

  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Working from Home
  • Organization
  • Family Time
  • Content Creation

What areas of life do you need more resources for?


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