Living in Pain

Living in Pain 1

Last week, our car was vandalized. I can tell you, I would never wish pain on anyone, not even the individual that did so to my family vehicle. For the past six years, I have lived with chronic pain. What started as migraines on a daily basis has moved to my back, legs, sometimes my arms and even hands and toes.

One of things I constantly see discussed is the quality of life and an individual’s “total well-being”. Unfortunately, when you are young and diagnosed with a pain disorder such as Fibromyalgia, you are met by skeptics. I have been told numerous times, I’m “too young” to be in real pain. I can tell you right now, there’s nothing fake about trying to live and accomplish basic tasks when you’re in pain after doing absolutely nothing.

Lately has been an extremely trying time. Our insurance is simply put, worthless in allowing a person to find health care treatment that will work and not just have a million medications thrown your way to “try”. I’ve had meds that made me unable to drive, unable to form a thought, gain excessive weight fast, I even had side effects that almost caused a stroke.

I’m sick of pain taking over every.single.minute. of my life.

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  1. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with all this. My Mom has fibromyalgia and finally got SSI after three years.

  2. Jenna, I don’t want to throw more stuff at you but have you tried a biomedical approach? I mean eating GFCF, doing supplements such as curcumin for inflammation? There is something called MMS that may also work. I don’t know, but I hate to see someone in pain, when we have seen such great improvements with healing the body.

    1. All of these things are out of my price range. I was given Curamin to try and it made me extremely dizzy.

  3. I’ve had fibro since I was 22 (14 years) & you couldn’t be more correct with the way health providers treat someone with chronic pain. Unfortunately science & medicine has not come any further in those years with finding something that REALLY works & it’s sad. Lots of doctors are more than willing to throw every psych medicine at fibromyalgia patients and ignore the real problem. I’ve said it 100’s of times, “my quality of life would be greatly imporoved if someone would just find something to control this horrid pain.” No one should have to live that way.

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