It’s Never Quiet In Our House

I am really starting to think that Aubrey was a screeching monkey in a past life. I’m just saying. And of course, she was “quiet” when the camera came out

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  1. Awww , that is so sweet ! And I totally know what you mean it is never quiet .I have a 22 month old that still likes to scream specially when she is calling for her brothers.Your Kids are adorable 🙂

  2. This happens to me too. My boys will be doing something really cute or funny, and as soon as I pull out my camera or camcorder, they will stop it and just sit there at stare. It drives me completely insane. I told them that I was going to keep the camera on t hem 24-7.

    BTW, I stopped by via MomDots Blog Link-A-Thon!

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