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If you’ve been around For The Love of Baby!, you’ll know I love products that stand out. Honest Baby does just that! “Celebrating the imperfect journey of Parenting” is what Honest Baby Products are all about. I loved reading about Jill Besnoy and her creation of Honest Baby.

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From the moment a new mother holds her baby, she’s bombarded with the “right” and “wrong” way to parent; breastfeeding, ferberizing, nipple confusion, the family bed, Baby Einstein, organic food, pacifiers…everyone has an opinion.

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Kelsie is at the age where she is learning new things everyday. But with that comes, “Kelsie say _____”, “Kelsie do this” so what better choice t-shirt for her than “i’m not a performing monkey.” That statement hits it right on the nail for my two year old’s personality. With the terrible twos, she doesn’t wanna listen as it is so don’t tell her what to do! All our family got a big kick out of her Honest Baby shirt as well as alot of compliments from friends.

The Honest Baby site is more than just a store-it’s a community. You’ll love the Honest Baby Blogs or check out Storytime and read other’s parenting stories. Don’t be shy, share your story too!

How would you like to win an Honest Baby tee?

To Enter:
*Tell us your most imperfect parenting moment.

Honest Baby will pick the best winner and not only will winner win a t-shirt of their choice, their story will be published on the Honest Baby website.

Remember, we need a valid e-mail address for you to win.

This Contest Will End March 13th, 11:59 PM CST

Honest Baby is a Playdate Pick!

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  1. Wow can I say the entire babyhood of DD? No really I refer to her as my trial and error baby! hahahaha. Um lets see I think my biggest mistake was the sleeping issues. With DD she took a bottle to bed from day one. With DS I had him used to being rocked everynight and no bottle untill he got to heavy to rock. I wish I could take the cup away at bedtime. IM a bad mommy but I need sleep too!

  2. It may have been the time I took my child to the doctor because of a red bump on his hand and the doctor looks at it and says, I can tell you what it is ~ an insect bite. I was relived but felt a little embarrassed.

  3. My most imperfect parenting moment… hmm, I’ve got plenty to choose from! I’d have to say a couple years ago, when my daughter first became amused by her farts, and noticed that everyone around her also responded with laughter. She started saying “I poo-it!” to get even more chuckles and coos. That’s “I pooted!” in still-learning-to-talk speak. She even started to do it in public places, and became “known” for it at local mom-and-pop diners. I didn’t encourage this, but, as an imperfect parent, I failed to discourage it… and my parents and the local diner owners actually encouraged it. Even when she didn’t have gas, she’d raspberry and make the same announcement. Nowadays, she goes so far as to hold it in, run up to me or her dad, let it out right beside us, and giggle, “I pooted on YOU!” We’ve tried discouraging it, telling her it is gross and not very lady-like… to no avail. I guess old habits die hard.

  4. I would say my worst moment as a mom so far was when I closed the door to a van I was gassing up last month and realized that the keys, my cell phone and my 4 month old son were still in there! I was quite frantic and asked the attendant to call a locksmith to help me out since it was a borrowed car and I didn’t have a spare key–nor did I know anybody’s phone number who could help since they’re programmed on my phone. He said they wouldn’t let him call and that I had to talk to them on the phone, but I wasn’t allowed in the kiosk. So he broke the rules and let me in, but they said 45 minutes!! What?? I told them that wouldn’t work because my son was in there, so they said to call 911. I did and they took all my information. About 5 (long) minutes later, a fire truck and police car pulled into the station after seeing me standing in the middle of the parking lot freaking out. Thankfully my son had been sleeping most of the time and had just woken up and was crying a little(and it was still cool outside). They made me sign a waiver that they might have to break the window and I said, “I don’t care, BREAK THE WINDOW! Just get him out!” Thankfully they were able to open the door easily and all was fine. I’ve only been a mom for 5 months, but that was a pretty bad moment for me with a good outcome (thank God)!

  5. Ummm…this is gross.

    My older daughter is potty trained but she only goes on a little potty. My youngest daughter likes to follow the oldest around. I was playing hide and seek and wasn’t paying attention to where the youngest one was. She was in the bathroom. Apparently my oldest went poo without telling me and there is youngest daughter EATING it. Yeah, she ate poo. Bad mommy.

  6. This one happened just this week. Because of the bridge in front of our house being closed I have to take the kids a 1/2 mile down the road to get on the bus and pick them up in the afternoons. Well lets just say that time got away from me and I looked at the clock and grabbed kids, keys etc and ran out of the house. Luckily the bus comes back by. The kids did tell me “Why were you late Mommy?” Sorry guys I forgot.

  7. I’ve had some pretty bad moments…but I think my husband takes the cake. When our son was just days old, our first child, he wasn’t aware than the lil smokie had to be covered during diaper changes. Minutes into the diaper change my husband is yellowing, “Help, help, we need to call 911” So of course I go running in and don’t see anything wrong. He then tells me the baby pee’d in his own eye and was going to go blind. I just about died laughing.
    cat at 3kidsandus dot com

  8. When my son was about 2, he absolutely loved playing with stickers. One day, I left him alone in the living room putting stickers on paper while I was in the kitchen. Well, he decides to strip down to his diaper and cover himself head to toes with stickers. There was barely any skin left when he was done and came to the kitchen to proudly show it off.

    Now, this wouldn’t have been too bad, except he has very sensitive skin, and taking each one off was absolutely miserable. Basically it ended with 30 minutes of kicking and screaming as I tried to get them off as gently as possible. I felt awful!

  9. I’ve been a mom for 13 years and have 5 children, so there have been a lot of imperfect parenting times. The most memorable though is from when my oldest daughter was an infant, I was cutting her fingernails and I cut one too close. It only bled for bled a tiny little bit and she was fine after a few seconds, but I felt awful and still do to this day!


  10. When we first started adding the meat baby food to my oldest son’s diet we were evacuated for Katrina and had no family around. We had bought the chicken(plain) and tried to feed it to him. He made the most awful face, and it smelled like dog food. We didn’t know that we were suppose to mix it with a veggie. We learned that quickly enough.LOL


  11. So, this just happened recently. My son is 8 and had a routine vision screening test at school last week. Turns out he’s practically blind and hasn’t been able to see the board ALL YEAR LONG. I had no idea my own son couldn’t see! I didn’t notice any signs or anything. I guess I won’t be getting the mommy of the year award anytime soon!

  12. hmm… When Alec was a baby I noticed that one of his legs was turning blue! So I totally started freaking out wondering what was wrong. Well it turned out that I had his diaper on really really tight especially around that one little leg! Poor thing!

  13. Well you know I have a 2 year old as well. My husband just got his first tatoo and so little miss Taylor wanted some as well! Mommy covered her in temporary tattoos! and I mean COVERED! She has just about everywhwere except her face! lol

    ryann ry13_2000@yahoo.com

    Thanks mama!

  14. Lots of things- ive accidently ran into my son and knocked him to the floor he ended up with a bloody nose :s i felt sooo bad!
    And i think having twins is driving me up the wall, a few days ago i was putting my son to bed and i kept calling him by his sisters name and talking to him as a girl. It was really late n im used to my daughter giving me trouble at night!l ol


  15. Oh I know the exact moment. We were relocating from NC to PA with a 3 month old (our first and only child…total noobie parents). We stopped half way to change him and feed him. The bathrooms at the restaurant we picked were GROSS so we decided to do it in the car. We barely got his diaper off when he started peeing straight up in to the air. We hadn’t gotten the towel out yet, so my hubby threw my jacket (which was laying over the back seat) over my son’s spray. Super. After that stopped, we cleaned him up and went to put a dry diaper under him. Yep…he pooped then. Without gross details…he pooped a lot. My hubby was so overwhelmed by smell that he started gagging and dropped my son’s leg down in to the poop. So now we’re standing in the parking lot with my son crying, my husband hunched over ready to vomit and me trying to find more wipes in the overly crowded car. Not a pretty picture, but I’m guessing a pretty funny one to passers by. But we finally got it under control and back on the road. whew…

    addeviant006 at gmail dot com

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