Get Happy with Your Wireless Carrier #hellobetter

Get Happy with Your Wireless Carrier #hellobetter 1

Cell phones rank up there when it comes to “Things you can’t leave home without”. When it comes down to though, cell phone costs add up really quick. If you’re paying for service you can’t stand, it’s just not worth it.

Living in a small town, finding cellular service that works no matter where I am at means a lot. I am the type of person that my phone is constantly with me. From uploading photos to talking to family across the nation, I want a reliable phone.

Get Happy with Your Wireless Carrier #hellobetter 2


U.S. Cellular wants everyone to know about the Hello Better program. New customers can pick from a variety of individual and family plans to fit your everyday needs, personal or business.

U.S. Cellular creates an even better opportunity you can’t find anywhere else when it comes to cellular carriers. Do you get rewarded for having your cell phone? You can be happy now with the Rewards Program, giving points for new accessories, cell phones, faster upgrades, and more.

From personal experience, I can say I really wish U.S. Cellular had more phone options but you can find several Android-based phones, Windows, Blackberry and more.

Are you happy with your cell phone provider?

I participated in this sponsored post campaign for One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

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